Moto X3M Bike Race Game

Moto X3M is a wonderful bike game with 22 test levels. Take a bike, put the tread on your head, cross the rear obstacles and prepare to beat the huge amounts of chains on uneven terrain. Go crazy with the Moto X3M! The controls are basic: use the keys on the cantilever bolt to control acceleration and deceleration and also your tilt. Go through each course and try to land a great bounce. With the chance that you are aiming your bike incorrectly, you have a chance to spill your bike! Each level highlights a variety of different obstacles and articles to guide you. You will find this game both fun and trying! This is rough off-road cycling to the maximum and for every fan of motorcycles, this game will deliver a huge dose of pleasure! In case you like the chance, make a point to try our other amazing cycling games here.