Santa Christmas Delivery

It's Christmas and Santa Claus and the red-nosed deer Rudolph are ready to roam the Christmas town. Anyway, the Grinch wants to ruin the party and starts chasing and confronting Santa. Drive Santa following the guide bolt and hit the enchanted sphere to deliver the presents to the house. Avoid attacks by avoiding! Try not to collide with lights! Use its high-speed lift and collect as many treats as might be expected under the circumstances. Santa Christmas Delivery is a fun addictive obstacle avoidance game with a great Christmas theme to get as close as Santa to his enchanted sleigh. Allow Rudolph to pull you over a cute cool city and look for houses to deliver your big, fat gifts. Be careful, the mean, capricious Grinch will chase you, so get ready for some activity. In this free web based game you have to follow the red line to trace the houses to deliver your gifts. You also need to escape from the Grinch and avoid the highest point of the tall Christmas trees. Collect treats and milk to speed up, grab wrenches to fix your sleigh, track bills and deposit money to work on speed, well-being, harm and dealing with your sleigh to become ruthless. Have fun with this free online game Santa Christmas Delivery. Santa Claus has a lot of work to do on Christmas Eve. Our legend must visit many places and make gifts for all young people. In the game Santa Christmas Delivery you will help Santa in this experience today. In front of you on the screen you will see a city road on which your man will compete in a group of deer. Use the control keys to control its activities. Look carefully at the screen. Your task is to deftly steer the sled in order for it to pass generally sharp turns with speed and not take off from the street. As he walks past certain houses, Santa has to throw presents.