Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917 is an active shooter game with a WWII theme. Move into a hostile area to find a giant enemy machine and destroy it. Free the individual soldiers who are held hostage in the hostile zone and let them go along with you in the mission. Collect gold to purchase important upgrades, including a heavy tank. Battalion Commander 1917 is a first world war driven action shooter game where your main mission is to bravely cross into a hostile zone to find a risky and powerful enemy machine and destroy it without mercy. Withstand the risky onslaught of elevated bombs dropped by the planes flying over the region, free all your friends captured by your enemies, and collect all the gold you can to put towards the purchase of many redesigns, including a heavy tank! Can you infiltrate to put an end to this dangerous battle for the last time? Join the second battalion commander 1917! Take on missions from your elders, take to the field to complete them and return with triumphs for your country! Take down armies like no other, rescue captives to add to your party, and work together to reach new heights! Welcome back to the Second Great War! You play as a warrior trying to scale positions through a progression of missions! Show your loyalty to your nation and army, complete missions and discover new abilities and move up to advance instantly! Walk around the war zone with your rifle, rescue partner officers and shoot opponents. You can shoot barrels to trigger explosions and kill opponents. Stay away from getting hit to keep your health level high. Air raids warn you in advance; watch out for red marks on the ground and dodge them. You can shoot and destroy everything that has a place with the enemy armed forces, but be careful not to focus too much on structures and have a chance from different units. Buy redesigns with the gold you loot, level up to new positions, and gain perks in the disaster zone. Recognize greater requirements to reach higher positions in the military. In the new amazing game Battalion Commander 1917 you will go to the hours of the First World War. Your personality needs to move from private to conditional authority. You have to help him with this. To do this, your legend must complete a progression of quests. In front of you, your personality will be noticed on the screen, which will howl around a certain area. There will be various fortresses and aggressors on his way. You, controlling your legend, must shoot at the opponent and destroy him. For each killed opponent, you will be given foci in the game Battalion Commander 1917. In addition, you need to collect various things, medical aid packages and ammunition scattered all over the land. Battalion Commander 1917 is an exciting WWII themed 2D shooter where you take control of a crew of soldiers and destroy every single enemy in your way! Cover as much distance as can reasonably be expected, passing through numerous points designated by the enemy, and transform heavily worn enemy vehicles into salvageable material. Destroy entire infantry units, avoid the shots flying towards you. The reason for your main objective is to rescue the hostage associates locked in prisons. Increase the number of your soldiers and increase your fighting power! Complete the responsibilities and acquire gold coins that can be used to further develop the ability line and increase your position. Detonate fuel barrels and destroy wooden boxes that may contain significant assets. In a case that is so important, you can strike with ammunition on the top of the battlefield. In case one of your soldiers is injured, quickly find a medical aid unit to stop the dying. Be careful with mines, explosive launchers and massive bombers. Constantly move around the guide so you don't become an obvious target for the shooters.