Bowmania FRVR

Aim, shoot and hit the soft eye! Can you say that you are the best toxophile on the planet? The best game for Toxophilism for both beginner Toxophilites and experienced aces with bows! Show your companions who is the best shooter! Get ready for a real activity in toxophilism! Take a bow and bolts, aim carefully and try to move things around the city on the board. Take your bow and test your abilities! Be prepared to avoid moving bends and watch your residual bolts in sequence. Bowmania FRVR is a bow game in order to effectively shoot down any of the targets. Bowmania FRVR - a weapon that was effectively used in the Middle Ages. Toxophilus served in the army and took part in battles, and the people who magnificently claimed the bow even stood out forever. Surely you know one of them - this is Robin Hood, the head of normal people. In the modern world, bows and bolts are used exclusively in sports or in organized battles. For people who need to feel like a middle-aged hero, they can work on shooting in the fields of the game Bowmania FRVR. The commitment is to hit circular focuses on this movement, movement, change of position with each new endeavor.