Cristiano Ronaldo Kick n Run

It's a perfect opportunity to take your skills from the grass to the tracks in this Ronaldo Kick and Run game. It is not enough that our most expensive number 7 has conquered the world football stage for 10 years. No, Cristiano Ronaldo craves significantly more splendour, so he's figured out how to flaunt his celestial abilities in a brand new test. Instead of a nice, newly cut field to go around, he runs and dodges on a road full of traffic jams! In addition to the fact that you have to stress about avoiding train vehicles, overhangs, doors and various risks, however, you have to do everything while spilling a ball. Normally we'd say that's unthinkable, but then we just remember whose feet are bound in those extravagant shoes. We remember how often Ronaldo did the incomprehensible. That's why this game is so insane and practical at the same time. We love it!