Moorhuhn Football

At Moorhuhn Football, take responsibility for the experienced Moorhuhn chicken and help him train his kicks. He can't fly, but this athletic bird can jump to incredible heights. Would you be able to help him score goals and secure a place in the next farm football competition? The season will begin and Moorhuhn needs a bunch of training to sharpen his football skills. Head to the football field and help him. The object of the game is to score as many goals as possible before time runs out. You have 90 seconds, so make an honest effort to return the balls effectively. To play the game, use the mouse. As soon as the game starts, the two mentors will throw the soccer balls in your path. Press and hold the left mouse button to make a Moorhuhn jump. The longer you hold the catch, the higher it will bounce. The moment you are at a similar level as the balls, release the catch to kick them. Each goal will provide you with 15 tricks. In case you understand how to send 2 balls to the goal line at the same time, you will get 75 tricks! You can see your current result in the upper right corner of the screen. Be sure to check your excess time from the top left corner. The game will end when you use all the available time. Join the strange chickens from Moorhuhn, the well-known German series of computer games, as they head to the football field. He and his team have not decided to score as many goals as possible that can be admitted to this unusual and wild 3D sporting event. Help this chicken by doing reverse salsa and kick the balls into the goal. Try to note any goals that could reasonably be expected from the inside, as much as possible to get as many tricks as possible.