Perfect Wax 3D

There is nothing superfluous in the human body, but for unknown reasons we constantly have to throw away something more special than hair. They develop on the arms, legs, chest or armpits. And yet the hair on the head is regularly missing terribly, especially in men. In Perfect Wax 3D you can fix this, but it requires some experience and finesse. Run the razor over your arms, legs and various parts of your body that may come in your direction, but where the hair grows. You need to collect more hair in a simple cylinder. Towards the end of the road, a completely uncovered man sits firmly for you. The hair you collect will be moved to his head in Perfect Wax 3D. Participate in the reconstruction of the best places with a wide range of activities. Your administration must be perfect and clean. Trying to be as amazing as you might expect. It is not difficult to fulfill each of your clients. You will be happy to try this game!