Go on a mission to become the ultimate legend in! In this MMO RPG, you pose as a nobody in a humble community. Furnished only with a stick and imagination, you are on your way to distinction and experience! As you explore the universe of, you'll meet other questing earth travelers, battle dark beasts, and collect lots of wonderful loot! Be careful though! Fight an opponent who is too extreme and you may risk losing some of your popularity and XP. Will you become the most grounded and most famous legend in

In case you are an MMORPG enthusiast like Universe of Warcraft or Genealogy, get this game along with your companions. This is not a battle royale game. All gamers are cordial and try to help each other. Track down your companions and try to finish the game together. Fight fearsome beasts and gather together each of the old inside facts. Make sure you are protected as death awaits those who are too reckless.