Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

In the exciting new game Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow, you will help a shape embraced by fire to investigate an ancient prison he has found. In front of you on the screen you will see a prison in which your person will be. It will slide forward on the floor surface, constantly gaining speed. In the journey of our saint, he will hang tight on different types of obstacles such as holes in the ground and slopes of different heights. The moment your saint approaches them, you need to touch the screen with the mouse. Then at that moment your solid form will jump and fly in the air above that risky part of the street. In the same way, you need to help the solid form by collecting various items scattered around. Take part in another selective game you are currently appreciating numerous hours in Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow completely free of fun in an easy game where the little guy is non-stop and you have to help him stay away from dangerous obstacles in this outrageous game. Plan on another Geometry Neon Dash experience loaded with more spikes and obstacles than expected! Enter the rainbow world, bend your clicking finger as you jump, fly and flip your way through boring holes and sharp obstacles. Complete all rhythm-based activity levels with new musical highlights and collect gems to unlock remarkable rainbow character skins. Challenge yourself with the unimaginable levels and be the awesome rainbow world.