Bob The Robber 4 Season 1: France

Our neighbor thief has set his sights abroad and on his fourth adventure Bob the Robber 4 Season 1! Paris is a dazzling place to escape to, but it also offers rewarding business discoveries for a committed hooligan. No one would see a few missing pieces of craftsmanship! In case they didn't need those crafted pieces to be picked up, they shouldn't have put them in plain view, right? Weave is there to pick any lock and no safe can resist his nimble fingers! Sway appreciates the touristy areas of Paris, but is nonetheless significantly more intrigued by the things secured by the permanent safes. As a fine thief, your goal in Bob the Robber 4 is to collect the riches located towards the end of each level while solving puzzles, keeping away from surveillance cameras and staying tucked away by security officers. The game has 15 levels, each with different plans, puzzles and fate. At each level, along with the basic wealth, you can discover hidden money. Weav is a specialist in these secret deliveries. Watch closely as you clear your way through the various rooms. Bounce will enlighten you to the presence regarding a pile of barren disguised cash. Leaving such effectively available money in exchange is a violation of the main rule of the "Sway's Guide to Stealing"! Try to track down all the secret money in each level to acquire the largest measure of stars towards the end. Be careful though! The historic center is protected by both surveillance cameras and live monitors! Getting caught will immediately stop Bob's evasion. Fortunately, there are shadows you can walk in until things die down. The moment you're in a similar room with a guard or surveillance camera, discover a shadow fix to cover up. Staying will still deliver you inconspicuously to the guards. Trust that the right second will pop up and knock them unconscious! Grab your lock and push each lock until it opens!