Catch The Thief 3D

Today, all buyers are crazy, they decided that they will no longer pay for the products, but to export them for free. It is as if thieves have come for jogging from all over the area and a multifunctional shop where our hero works as a security guard. Help the bad guy, if he no longer catches the thieves, the product fee can be deducted from his profits and he will stay on the grains. Come to Catch The Thief 3-d and direct the person everywhere to anyone who hauls goods. It is enough to go back and he will pay, he no longer goes anywhere. With the money you can extract the pores and skin and our hero becomes cooler, which is why he will probably be very agile to catch criminals. Imagine painting at a bar in the Wild West. Today, customers have decided not to pay bills anymore. You want to catch thieves in the video game Catch The Thief 3-d. Don't miss any of them by clicking until the thieves catch you. Earn deceptive traffic so that the cafe you are in can make a decent profit. Get started now!