is a multiplayer dream game in which you fight with beasts and various players to become the most impressive player on the server. Fight beasts-supervisors, collect your man from many spells, weapons and hardware and become the best fighter! highlights a special customization framework where you can consolidate spells, weapons, protective layer and details to make exactly the person you need. Spells: Choose from many 6 mana spells: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light and Dark. You can prepare 4 spells at once to build exactly the person you need. Weapons: Choose from blades, knives, tomahawks and more to have great stirring abilities. Weapons may even have ornaments, such as repulsion or release. Reinforcement: Choose between knightly, maverick or magical protection styles that help your data in different ways! You can find parts of the head, body and arms to make your perfect blend. Rarities: All of these things can be found in common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary features. As you become more informed, you will find better things to rework. Guide: Explore different biomes such as the island, the wood, the seashore, the prison, the magma and the ice zones. Each zone has remarkable places to explore and enemies to fight! Achievements: Complete more than 100 difficulties and complete your beast diary with more than 30 opponents to win prizes! Along with many players from different nations, you will go to a world called MageClash. io. There is a conflict between the various conventions of the performers. You will be involved in this conflict. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your man. From now on, he will be in a certain field. Using the control keys, you will control the activities of your legend. He has to walk around the space and collect various things and mysterious curious things. Various beasts and enemies will attack him. Using the saint's mysterious abilities, you must shoot the enemy with spells and thus destroy them. After the death of the opponent, you must collect the rewards missed by him.