Winter Dodge

Winter Dodge is an ability game made by BuyHTML5. Enjoy the monstrous tide of moving on a cool mountain. Direct the fall of the ball by holding your finger, you will move to the left when you do this. The moment you release it, you will start moving to one side, of course. Try not to hit trees during this activity, as they will check your tricks down. The lower you go, the higher the score in Winter Dodge. You will succumb to this game. In fact, summer is just coming to an end, and winter is still far away, on the grounds that the time has not come to harvest. This is not the situation in the virtual domain of games, where there is a general disorder about the seasons. It was just summer and now the red ball, our main character in the game Winter Dodge, curled up on the slope of a high, snow-capped mountain planted with green trees. The precarious fall will cause the ball to constantly roll or slide on the snow, and it is important to you that it does not collide with the storage compartment of one of the trees, which will constantly exceed. The trees are certainly not satisfied with the way someone rolls and disturbs their peace, so they line up in curved lines and try to hold the ball. A single hit is enough and your game is over. Readiness and ability will become a path to effective decline and can endure indefinitely, similar to the actual game. Winter Dodger challenges your reaction time by controlling the ball as it rolls in the colder times of the year from the snow slope down. Roll and swing while avoiding the trees, but try to get closer to the trees to gain tricks. How far could you help the ball roll? Have a good time!