Lands of Blight

Lands of Blight is an active experience game where you take command of a human who then pursues him at regular intervals, and you really want to endure the constant stampedes of beasts. Just walk around the area and attack as many beasts as you can while trying to escape their grasp. You will gain insight and power up as you destroy your countless enemies, just like other rebel light and pretend games. What's more, every time you advance, you unlock an irregular power that will change the way you play the game. Choose what boost you get as it will have results. Plan the unfolding of your legend's events and make sure you're just picking the best powers to help you as the night progresses. There are powers like mending, extended attack power, extended hit range, and, surprisingly, energizing spells like fireball and lightning. Make sure you hit the chests to unlock amazing awards! Could you at some point pay off what's due by sunrise in the Lands of Blight?