Align 4 Big

For all the expensive puzzles, we present another exciting game Align 4 Big. On the screen in front of you you will see a guide body of a certain size, in which holes will be noticed. You and your opponent will have round chips of a certain size. With one action, each of you will actually want to put a chip in one hole. Your task is to take action in this way to remove from the chips of your variety a single line evenly or upwards somewhere around four pieces. Then these articles will disappear from the battlefield and you will be given tricks to do so. Your opponent will do the same. You, by putting your chips in, have to stop him from doing that. The champion of the game is the person who scores the most tricks for the time allotted to complete the level. Now is the perfect time to get your mind spinning with the Align 4 Big nonsense game, while making an honest effort to arrange 4 tiles of similar variety on a leading group of 6 lines and 7 segments. Evaluate your involvement in turn-based discovery and carefully consider your moves if you are willing to achieve your main goal before one of your opponents achieves it. Be available without complaining about your opponents' moves and completed lines both upwards, on a flat plane and sloping to build a perfect line. Throw your pieces in the perfect places brilliantly and get ready to have a great time!