Motor Rush

There's no going back from the race in Moto Rush! You have to drive as fast as possible and post for obstacles. In this crazy city, the roads are loaded with high gradients and huge traffic signs, but you have considerable competition to beat. Thus, jump into your cruiser and click the left catch to speed! In a big city where roads are surrounded by long structures, racing cruisers can be a bit risky. In any case, don't stress, as long as you can handle the vehicle, your chance of winning is very high. What you need to do is keep tapping the left mouse catch to ride. Steer your bike by dragging the mouse to go in either direction. In any case, the problem is the delays that sit tight for you when passing. To stay away from them, you need to coordinate your mouse and move forward. The moment you ignore the yellow slopes, stop touching the mouse. If not, the motorcyclist will not have the opportunity to slow down and have an accident. As you complete each of these tasks, you must also betray your opponents to defeat all comers. In case you are prepared, start the game before the engine goes cold!