Drunken Boxing 2

Drunken Boxing 2 is here to engage you with the comfort of your place! Drunk battles continue! This match will be amazing like all drunk games! Do you think that you are a talented enough fighter to defeat your opponent? How about we get in the game and see! Good luck! Welcome to the Fist Festival! It's time to appear in the ring! Anyway, we have a problem, old friend! Both you and your opponent have sunk! You are completely exhausted, but what is the difference? This match will take place today! Is it safe to say that you are prepared for this? Choose your game mode and then start the game! You can choose to play against the CPU or against a satellite. Player 1 uses the bolts and player 2 uses the WASD keys. In both modes the game will end with 5 settings, the person who gains 5 stars first dominates the match. You can make quick punches in the game, but still watch out for your energy bar! If you do not have enough energy, it will take some time for you to recover. Obviously, during this time you will remain powerless. In that sense, don't forget to establish your energy while deciding your battle procedure! In case you are currently ready for the match, how about we appear in the ring and see if you can make valiant efforts to achieve triumph or not! Have a good time! The long New Year's occasions are over, this is an ideal opportunity to go to work and perform your duties, and this is a difficult long meeting and not a very healthy holiday. If you are an assistant and sitting in an office, you can fall asleep and gradually move to a work rhythm. However, it is completely unique if you are a fighter and need to enter the ring. The Drunken Boxing 2 Saints were amazingly caught on the chest just before the match and are currently somewhat shaken and coordination is weak. In principle, it is impossible to give up the battle, so you have to fight in a semi-weak state. One of the competitors is yours, help him bring out his opponent. One amazing hit is enough to win, but how to do it. In case you have double vision and your legs give way. It will be nice.