Drive Mad

Drive Mad is a vehicle game where you drive on a track full of obstacles. Your goal is to reach the finish line in one piece. You need to adjust your speed so that your car does not roll over. It's more serious than it sounds, as there are plenty of exciting and imaginative tricks and deterrents to appreciate. Do you have what it takes to complete each level in Make Distraught? Drive Mad is a truck driving game where you have to drive your truck through precarious obstacle courses. Drive Mad is a really fun vehicle and driving game where you have to drive your 4x4 vehicle on a racing track full of stages and huge obstacles! You want to reach the final destination in one piece. Control your speed, make sure your balance is right and refrain from spilling or you will fall into the deep darkness and lose the game. Perform extraordinary aerial tricks and take part in exciting levels that seek you from the other side of the screen as you make a valiant effort to efficiently cross the finish line. For every person who loves vehicle driving games, we welcome you to Drive Mad. You have to ride in a vehicle of an unimaginable model on huge wheels. This means that the machine can without much effort overcome various obstacles, but nevertheless it is completely unsound and can undoubtedly tip over. The initial few levels will seem extremely simple to you, but their problems will increase slowly. New obstacles will appear, including water obstacles that you want to get around with a running start. Our vehicle is definitely not off-road, it cannot swim. In case you miss completing a level, you can replay it in Drive Mad.