Horror Nights Story

Have you ever felt that there are creatures lurking just behind? Waiting for it to catch you? In Horror Nights Story, it comes true! You have to dig and try to escape from the evil creatures that may follow you. The blocky snapshots pay homage to Minecraft, but the gameplay is amazing. You must survive many nights and make your way through 3 extraordinary scenes. Do you love this sport? Then you should check out our Five Nights at Freddy's Collections. Horror Nights Story is a sports where you have to escape from the terrifying depths of a vintage mine! Created with the help of Rostislav Kaloc and Tasty Air Games, this travel sport offers a 3D global world with terrifying monsters to defeat. You'll want to manipulate properly some time in Horror Nights Story as you mine your way and live 5 nights in the mine! You higher dig fast and get out! Prepare your mind for hordes of terrifying monsters like ghost lady and bat that can crawl through the harvest mine looking to get you! You're ready with nothing more than a pickaxe and a bomb for each of the 5 nights. You need to get to the termination of the tunnel as fast as possible and now not be eaten alive! While additionally taking care of every other room with an oxygen generator. Beware of the electrical shutdown. No craft will help you here, just your legs so you can get out of this nightmare!