Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2 is an activity shooting game made by Martijn Kunst as a sequel to the hit game Raft Wars. Simon and his brother return on a well-deserved occasion, only to find a water park at the top of the place where they hid their lost fortune. At the moment, they are set to bankrupt the water park so that they can get their gold back! Destroy water slides, pools, lifeguards, security guards and more to regain your wealth! Acquire coins by inflicting vital shots to open explosives, missiles and pontoon updates. Raft Wars 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the stunningly unique title. You take responsibility for a charming child who has lost his wealth - a tycoon has amassed a water park above our sacred treasure and you have to fight your way through the recreation center to restore it! This game has similarities to Angry Birds and you have to control the point, direction and ability of our weapons of the saints. During each level you have a specific goal to complete and a goal to take out - use the mouse to point your weapon and change its direction and then use the left click catch to free yourself. Towards the end of each level you can buy major repairs and new weapons, such as hand grenades, missiles and reinforcement. Would you be able to fight your way through the water park and take what is legally yours?