Refuge Solitaire

Refuge Solitaire is a game created by Ravalmatic. This game offers a 2-deck variation of the standard solitaire. Sort the outer stacks to the 8 decks in the center, 4 of them in the request line to 2, and the other deck from Expert to Lord. You can also move the cards in the scenes on top of another one as long as it is of a similar suit and one lower or higher than the current card value to get to different cards.

Is it safe to say you're having an exhausting day? Play Refuge Solitaire and move each of the cards from the outer piles (stage) to the eight establishment piles below. Develop the experts in the suit of the ruler and the lords in the suit of the professional. Cards in a scene can be continued on top of another, as long as they are of a similar suit and the card being placed is consecutive to the card below it. Complete the solitaire game!