Burger Chef

In Burger Chef, this is a perfect opportunity to organize your own burger restaurant. You have been constantly needing this second for quite some time and it comes as expected. You have your own cafe and it's the first day of the season. Yet you realize that the most disturbing part is about to begin. Want to find out how to keep customers happy and your coffee shop thriving? Be quick! The main customer is here. Just set up her request before your next customer arrives. In this game, your goal is to make mouth-watering, finger-licking awesome burgers. Try not to stress, we are here to help. You are in good company. There are 3 game modes in this game; gourmet specialist title, profession and time attack. In the title of gourmet expert, you have to face different culinary specialists. In summon mode, you have to make burgers according to customers' orders before the clock runs out. You can see the clock on the correct side of each customer. Just be sure the clock doesn't turn red. All things considered, you should never make a customer take breaks, right? As you complete each level, you'll start unlocking new fixings to make burgers with heaps of toppings, and you'll actually want to serve them up with fries and chicken tenders. In the last mode, you have to make as many burgers as possible before the time runs out. Just pick one of them and how about we start making burgers!