Paradise Island 2

Paradise Island 2 is an amazing tycoon game set on a beautiful tropical island. You want to turn this island into the most luxurious family resort, attracting tourists, experience seekers and virtual residents. Make a definitive accommodation domain while monitoring and maintaining your island paradise. With its dazzling visuals and attraction of continuous interaction, Paradise Island 2 offers a vivid and brilliant gaming experience for the devotees of inn reconstruction games.

Create paradise on earth in Paradise Island 2! Start your fantasy business and manage the future hot escape in this administrative gem! Make the right ventures, repair your structures, add new offices and recruit extra people! Increase your lines, use lucky twists and become the most loved target of your guests! Focus in; we are opening the best vacation hotel next summer! To start your excursion, you must register and set a password; along these lines you can return to continue your experiences. You are now ready for your tropical trip! No problem; your associates are here to guide you through the essentials of your new administrative duty. Start by building the basic prerequisites for starting the business. Now your guests have a roof under which to rest and eat. Allow karma a chance and spin the wheel to redesign your structures. The higher the percentage of your structures, the happier your customers will be. For your next stage, you can delete the old and dilapidated structures and repair them to plan your grand opening. However, there is one final step before opening your haven for business; fix the harbor and believe that the most memorable guests will appear!