Pop-Pop Kitties

Imagine that your pets, whatever they are, unexpectedly disappeared, you will no doubt turn everything around. To find them. Our saint will do the same in the Pop-Pop Kitties game. His pair of most beloved cats disappeared as if they were never there. Searches from the beginning yielded nothing, but then at that moment the misfortune was discovered. It turns out that your pets have warmed to cat yards and are currently not letting the kitties home. This is a shame and you should release the pets. To do this, shoot the cats at the kidnappers, collecting together at least three indistinguishable. They will get scared and disappear, and your kittens will fall directly on you. A very adorable air pocket shooting game highlighting little cats! Match at least 3 similar little cats together to knock them out of play. Eliminate all kittens from the game to complete each level. Try to complete each level as fast as possible to get 3 stars. 110 levels and 330 stars to buy, take part in this fun online bubble shooter. Pop-Pop Kitties accompanies over 100 adorable levels and bunches of cute little cats to engage players for quite a long time. This Match-3 Puzzle Shooter game needs to connect at least three indistinguishable kittens to coordinate with them before they can arrive at the base or time runs out. You'll need agility and incredible reflexes to collect each of the stars to complete each level! Could you? No worries, you can try as many times as you want to work on your recording. Have a great time and remember, "No kittens were harmed in the making of this game"! Point and click to throw kittens.