Garden Tile

Garden Tile is a simple game where you play as another groundskeeper trying to grow your nursery. By playing the tiled scenes and completing them, you'll acquire the assets your nursery needs. Develop more plants and offer them to customers. Get money and buy new devices and things for your nursery.

A man named Tom chose to acquire skills as a groundskeeper. After purchasing a huge plot of land, our personality chose to create a delightful nursery on it. You in the game Garden Tile will help your personality in this. In front of you, your personality will be noticeable on the screen, which will be located in a certain region. You, first of all, need to get specific assets and assemble the structures that the legend needs to work. Then you have to place plants and trees on different plots of land. The moment they go up, you can reap income from them that you can sell productively. With the money you acquire in the Garden Tile game, you can buy new devices and seeds of different plants.