Ringo Starfish

Ringo Starfish is a 2D platformer set on a hidden island. There, Ringo Starfish suspects that there are hidden treasures there. Help our traveler investigate it, facing various opponents and traps. Collect all the gems scattered throughout the domain. Use Ringo's ability, swimming ability and invulnerability ability to defeat all problems. In case it is essential, use the designated place device present on all levels. Play this complete and amazing stage game! A fun and happy fish named Ringo today chose to explore the area around the pond where he lives. You in the game Ringo Starfish will help her in this experience. Before you on the screen you will see your person, who will be in a certain region. Using the control buttons, you will limit him to go forward. Take a look at the street. When passing, your person will pass through obstacles and holes in the ground that he must jump over. Also, during transit, there will be various beasts that can hurt your saint. You need to make it so that he stays away from hitting them. Or on the other hand bouncing on their heads destroys them.