Max and Mink

Cooperate to go anywhere in the universe! Max and Mink are brave groups of creatures. In this two-player game, you have some control over both animals simultaneously or independently. Your main goal is to help the team reach the entrance of each level. Max can fly, twist and stretch to allow Mink to climb higher. Try to reach the entrance without help or ask a friend for help. Companionship is all you want. In Max and Mink, now is the time to embark on an adventure with your dearest companion! The moment the experience calls, you pack everything you really want, take your best bud with you and get ready to meander around the world. Such an experience cannot be embraced alone, all things considered! Can it be said that you are ready to solve the mysteries and see if your company can really stand through it all? We have some heartening and terrible news for you. The terrible news is that our boss, the amazing deer, is exhausted and we need to track down 3 enchanted mushrooms to help him get better. The inspiring news is that your dear companion appears with you on this experience! Stay united and nothing can hurt you both. In case you are prepared, we should go at this stage. You want to complete each of the levels to track down the 3 mushrooms. In each level, the legendary team must cooperate to reach the entrance that will lead them to higher levels. Mink can open the entrance but still carry our personality there, you really want Max's help. Max can fly, twist and help Mink get to the entrance. You want to use your brain and think about how you can get to each entrance. All things considered, our extraordinary boss's life depends on it. Just think about the gifts he'll shower you with and you'll be fine. The Woodland Supernatural Creature Lord needs your help to fix his fever. Join Max and Mink as they go on a quest to find the three intriguing supernatural mushrooms expected to fix the Ruler. They must cooperate collectively to overcome the problems during their excursion. Each of them has its solidarity and drawback. Find out how to fully utilize their extraordinary capacity. Play hub with a companion on a similar computer or work on controlling both characters at the same time.