Cats Love Cake

Cats Love Cake is an ability game in which you have to jump your cat through the level without hitting any obstacles. Open more and more playing creatures as you complete levels. In case you are several times, the level will show you the ideal course to go. Would you be able to complete all the levels and open each person to play? In the new exciting game Cats Love Cake we will meet Kitty, a cat who loves cakes without a doubt. Somehow its owners dared to leave the house and our cat chose to go into the kitchen and eat a fragrant cake. You will help her in this experience. Your cat will be noticeable on the screen in front of you. She is ready to make extremely high jumps. The cat will be in the room. Use the control keys to force it to navigate the path you need. During your development you will overcome various types of obstacles. The moment the cat approaches them at a certain distance, you have to force it to jump. Subsequently, it will be protected from an obstacle crash and will fly over it in the air. When you notice a piece of cake somewhere, do it so that your cat can catch it in its paws. Then at this point she will really want to eat it and you will get tricks for it.