Climb Hero

Could you climb the divider by sticking your hand on the rocks? In this game you can become a Climb Hero, who can reach wide stature by climbing dividers. You have to trust that the right second will grab the next stone. Climb each rock in succession and reach the place below. Stay away from temperamental rocks while watching for rocks with covered jewelry. People are completely unique and usually their inclinations are different. Some groups like to lie on the love seat, while others climb the mountains, overcoming new peaks. At the same time, the two do not see each other in any way. The saint of the game Climb Hero is an enthusiast of rock climbing. Consecutively, he goes to the mountains and climbs the most inaccessible rocks, risking his life. Also, to limit the danger, the excess time is trying to prepare practically day after day. In one of the training courses you will find the saint in Climb Hero and help him achieve the best results. To do this, you need to deftly get a handle on hard stones. Keep in mind broken stones, don't wait for them, the equivalent applies to pearl stones.