Funny Rescue Carpenter

Funny Rescue Carpenter is an interesting clinical recreation game where you help a craftsman in trouble. She recently had an accident in her workshop: She fell off the step! She has a dislocated shoulder and multiple different wounds that are causing her a lot of pain. Take her to the nearest emergency clinic, examine her wounds and help her get the therapy she needs using the clinical tools. Could you help fix it and get it back to the workshop? Step-by-step instructions to play: Use the left mouse button to select and use the correct device. About the manufacturer: Funny Rescue Carpenter is made by Go Panda Games. Leia is an amazing craftsman, but even the best will have mishaps here and there. How about we play and save Leia from the repulsive accident! Help her recover from her injuries and have some good times. Help the recovery of the young lady who suffered a terrible accident. Eliminate the things from the young lady and put them back, then at this point restore all wounds. Then switch to spruce mode for a fun new look. During the work, the young lady of the craftsman is seriously injured. In the online game Funny Rescue Carpenter, you have to take her to the emergency clinic and give her medical care. Use the tools that the game will offer you to facilitate her condition. Regardless, regardless, free her from the fallen construction materials and call an emergency vehicle.