Riot Escape

A fun crowd holding a match where the goal is to reach the final goal while staying away from the police. Climb structures, make reversals and jump between high hills. Riot Escape is an activity game in which you influence a horde of fugitives or a cop. The fugitives must arrive at the driver's finish line without being approached by police. In case you are a cop, you prevent the crowd from escaping. As you play as a fugitive, go through the guide, avoiding cops and other deplorable deterrents. Move up the structures and avoid traps to outwit the police and reach the final destination. Assuming you're a cop, plan the agitators and turn your bat to smash them and bring a quick draw. In case too many people from the horde pass, you will have to try again. At the beginning of each round you are offered a solution between two short buffs. They can go from extra speed to getting a quad bike, flying and turning into a goliath! Watch out for these very strong improvements. In one of the important urban areas, a crowd started, in which many swindlers took part. In Riot Escape, you will actually want to take part in this conflict, either against the revolutionaries or against the extraordinary forces that must stifle this challenge. By choosing a person, for example, he will be a bully, you will find yourself in the city of the city. You have to run forward and collect different things. Once you meet the cops, you have to go after them and hit them to get them out. The police will retaliate, you must avoid hitting them or straighten them up.