Super Mario Jungle Adventure

Super Mario will take you back to the efforts of your youth with the incredible mission: Saving the princesses. Your order is to help Super Mario fight with all the monstrous beasts on different islands to save the beautiful princess to the last goal. Our old companion Mario the master again can not stand aside. He has now chosen to visit the desert. Especially attracted by his trend towards this magnificent corner of the Earth. Now he is downloading Mario games online and is ready to make another outing. "Mario's Adventures in the Jungle" - a fascinating game in which you have to show creativity and genius that your companion does not get into trouble. Overcoming obstacles must be agile and ready not to kick the bucket and move to a higher level. Assuming that your saint must reach the goal effectively, we should not neglect the collection of bananas and apples. In the event that the street encounters a strange green thing, realize that this is the strength and well-being of Mario.