Logo Memory Food Edition

Logo Memory Food Edition is ready to test your memory with information about your logo on the cheapest food chains! Do you believe that your memory is enough to match the logos of such a cheap food chain before time runs out? Provided this is true, you are welcome to this logo memory challenge! But before you start, finish your stomach, as this enjoyable food game will take advantage of your hunger! In this enjoyable food memory game your goal is very basic. You need to agree with the two logos that have a place with such a cheap food chain. In case you know about each of the organizations, this is really huge in addition to what you can remember! Unlike most of the game-coordinating symbols, you won't see the open card adaptation when you start this game. Each of the symbols will be distributed as closed. So you have to pick two at random and while you keep opening the cards, you have to try to remember. To end things, make some limited memories to coordinate with these symbols. Be sure to check the rest of your time at the highest point of the screen. Just below the graph you will see 3 stars. The faster you complete the level, the more stars you can get. Good luck and nice moments!