Noob Escape: One Level Again

Noob Escape: One Level Again is an arcade puzzle game where the Noob has to escape from prison and bust the crook! There are 100 levels available with an alternate puzzle on each level. There's also an impressive boss battle. Good luck getting out of jail. Work on a permanent level in Noob Escape: One Level Again! Welcome to an alternate rendition of Groundhog Day. Here you are in for a shock. You won't live that day, but you will play this level again and again! Can you say you're ready for this endless loop? This may seem like a simple survival game where you will go through stages for some levels. However, to be honest, you shouldn't expect any levels in this game. Here, you will all be playing a similar level over and over again. However, there will be some extremely fundamental changes. Pay attention to the directions on the screen to see what each part of you expects. There are 100 sections to go through a similar stage but try different things to open the entrance and stay alive. In this way, we have to check if you will remember each step and if you can adapt to the new interactivity in each part. This time, the noob was caught by the villain and has been in jail for quite some time. He has to escape from the prison as fast as possible and hunt down the crook with this part of the Noob vs Pro game! The rascal plays a deeply mind-blowing game with a noob in solitary confinement. Each section will be unique to the previous one. You can get the key, but you can't throw out the prison that easily. Try to figure out how to escape from the prison. Noob Escape one level again is a 100-level platformer where you want to help Noob escape from prison, but first you need to get the keys. Noob is trapped in the most extreme security prison in the game Noob Escape One Level Again! Is it true or not that you are ready to help him find the main keys to escape from this place? Jump, starting with one stage, then the next, and constantly run through each corner, avoiding death from sharp and dangerous nooses. Take your mental power and open incalculable entrances because of your abilities as you participate in a sum of 100 different levels as you get the most out of your actual abilities and your mind. Try not to abandon the little blocks that replace your direction to triumph and participate in your excursion to possibilities. Noob is caught by his rival Hacker and he keeps him in a miserable prison. Our legend escaped from the cell and now he needs to escape from the prison. You in the game Noob Escape: One Level Again have to help the Noob to do it. In front of you on the screen you will see one of the prison rooms in which your personality will be discovered. At the opposite end, you'll see an entrance that prompts a higher level. To open it, you need to collect the keys that will be scattered around the prison. You, who can control the legend, must go through the room and conquer various snares and deterrents to collect all the keys. From this point on, you can go to the entrance and open it to go to a higher level of the game Noob Escape: One Level Again.