Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is an action platformer where you play as the amazing Red Ball! You have to move the Red Ball to the opposite side of the level without falling or getting hit by the 3D beast figures. There are more than 70 levels to find, each with its own item. Go caving with Red Ball or go on a trip to the moon! Each level has scattered stars for you to collect. Think they are all and you get a sparkling brilliant decoration for that level! Can you beat all levels of Red Ball 4 at some point?

Red Ball 4 is a bouncing game that invites you into a charming existence where you rejoin the charming red ball and its dark enemies, the dark squares. Plan an exciting experience through a large number of levels overflowing with clever obstacles and brain-bending puzzles, all in search of seeing as a way home. Be careful to stay away from risky gaps and slippery ponds as your timing and ability to guide the fun red ball to the exit is of the essence.

The venerable realm of the Red Ball had disappeared into a multitude of vague 3D shapes. These scoundrels must destroy the kingdom and lay their hands on a new domain. Anyway, can the red ball wait at any moment under such crisis circumstances? Apparently No! He quickly declares war on the dark 3D squares and is ready to fight them for his home turf. In the game "Red Ball 4: Section 1" you and our companion will go on a dangerous excursion. This will be dangerous and energizing!