Gobdun is a 3D mesh based dungeon crawling pretend game where you navigate a maze full of privileged insights, fates and animals. Use your blade to hunt down the prison tenants and raise your defenses at the precise second to impede or significantly block their attacks. Your main goal is to climb as far as you can expect and reach the top, but there are still more grounded enemies and trolls that keep chasing you. Collect experience focuses, piggy banks, and in any case, candy machines scattered throughout the maze to ground yourself. Use the Auto button in case you need a test to a lesser extent so that the game will take you where you need to go accordingly. Don't forget to pass Gobdun to your companions and find out who can reach the top.

Gobdun is an addictive first-person web-based game. It has brilliant and beautiful illustrations, wonderful audio effects. Loaded with funny beasts, they look simply adorable. Engage in interactivity by constantly acquiring new weapons, tracking down chests, and destroying enemies.