Zen Blocks

Zen Blocks is a puzzle game where you arrange blocks of different materials and shapes to make wonderful shapes. Each level contains a bunch of blocks that must be arranged so that they remain stationary for three seconds. There is no correct method for arranging these blocks, so go ahead and avoid any risks or face challenges if you feel brave. Use the principles of physical science to your potential advantage and don't let any of the pieces fall into the water as it will cost you your daily existence. In any case, you can definitely relax, you can constantly repeat it and try different methods! Like its name, Harmony Blocks offers a relaxing, peaceful gaming experience.

Zen Blocks is a quirky Tetris-style puzzle game highlighting different parts of blocks. However, it is no less invigorating and can stir the curves of your mind. Complete the game's levels by solving each of the 25 riddles.