Castle of Magic

A few pleasant companions, tired of an old broken computer game, choose to enjoy another experience. After finding a strange chest, a bright light appeared from it, which transported them to an unearthly and obscure universe. What surprises await you in the game Castle of Magic?

Upon arriving at the palace, a vile and diabolical sorcerer named Nephatex appears to inform you that if you have any desire to get your beloved Jenny back, you must traverse every one of the universes alive until you finally defeat him in a dangerous duel to the very end. Appreciate the extreme conditions, fly, walk on the roof, face truly unique animals and cross a total of 5 enchanted universes to save your life and that of your companion from the grip of this unnerving enemy. Can it be said that you are ready to demonstrate that there is nothing and no one who can defeat you because of your audacity?

A man named Tom and his sister Elsa wanted to relax and play various computer games. One day our heroes were drawn into a game called Castle of Magic. Now you have to help the heroes trace their direction to our reality. After choosing a person, you will find yourself in the Wizard's Palace. Here, unusual enchantment bosses will give your persona certain orders. Your legend must go through the entrance to a certain area and complete the quest. Your personality will be visible on the screen in front of you, which will move around the area under your control. Along the way, he must collect magic stones and enchantment books scattered out of control. Along the way, one must overcome various obstacles and traps, as well as fight various beasts using an array of different enchantment spells. For each opponent eliminated in the game Castle of Magic, you will be given foci.