Long Long Hair

In the new intriguing game Long Long Hair you will take part in running competitions just for fun. Athletes with long hair take part in them. Your task is to ensure that your personality rushes to the end goal as quickly as can be expected and at the same time develops his hair as much as possible. In front of you on the screen you will see your legend, who will run on the treadmill step by step to move forward. Use the control keys to coordinate its activities. According to the method of your legend, there will be different obstacles and different risks. You control the legend, you will force him to get around this large number of obstacles and beware of hitting them. In different editions and around you you will see lying hair. You have to collect them. For each item you receive, you will receive tricks and your personality hair will develop. It has never been more fun to let your hair grow than in long hair! Go through the stage to show everyone how healthy your hair is. Release it and let your hair grow as you race to the finish line now! In this game you have a lone point. Undoubtedly, you can focus on your principled endeavor to allow your hair to grow. Your hair is braided, so every time you let your hair be longer, it will come as another part that will make you taller. From time to time there will be several obstacles in the way that will cut certain parts of your hair, unless you can avoid them. This way, be aware of those who will cut your hair short. Assuming you neglect to have a specific measure to twist the top of your head, you won't be able to get through the holes, for example. So, now what do you say about how well you will perform on this stage!