Hero 5: Katana Slice

In the fifth part of Hero 5: Katana Slice, you will help a brave samurai to fight against various hooligans and beasts. In front of you on the screen will be visible your personality wearing a katana. It will be located in a specific region. Use the control keys to coordinate its activities. You must guide the saint around the area and track down your opponents. When you see somewhere around one of them, you can attack it. Deftly handling the katana, you will split your enemy until he is completely destroyed. You will be attacked in the same way. In this way you must prevent the blows of the enemy or avoid them. Overcoming the enemy in battle, you can get rewards that will fall from him. Play as a samurai who must protect his tribe from attacking enemies, cut your direction through each level and defend your home. Take your hereditary katana in your hands. Defeat all enemies that undermine your loved ones. Hit enemy samurai and cut their bodies. Defeat the defended opponents by removing their heads. Do long throws against ninjas who retreat to the rooftops and throw shurikens. Save your country. Save your family like the samurai you are in Hero 5 Katana Slice! You need to protect your family and realize that you can do it. Since you are the strictest samurai in the city, no one but you can protect anyone. However, we need to see if you can fight each of the opponents! This is an activity game with amazing 3D design. With this interactivity you will not only get the opportunity to work on your fighting abilities, but you will also jump into the brilliant universe of Japanese cherry blossoms thanks to the illustrations. One thing to remember is that you will be isolated from this experience. There will be ninjas to fight against and monsters to defend against. You want to fight relentlessly with your hands clasped and your genealogical katana. Jump high, go through the roof, use your katana and knock down each of the ninjas to save your loved ones!