Mini Swim

Mini Swim is an arcade game about swimming and catching every one of the treasures in the sea. Stay away from each of the obstacles or you will have to restart the level once more.

Swim across the vastness of the sea in Smaller Than Normal Swim around every corner, avoiding a wide array of traps and deterrents! Watch each screen and arrange some way to collect each of the coins while trying not to fall under the control of your opponents.

Every time you've dominated the way you move, you'll have the opportunity to put your winnings into acceleration and actual features to make your main objective clearer, keep out of traps constantly, take part in basic and energizing illustrations and participate in this extraordinary experience more than ever before.

Mini Swim is an arcade platformer made by NoaDev where you dive into the sea and explore through obstacles and opponents while collecting each of the secret fortunes! Put your readiness under serious scrutiny by collecting coins in the time-tested Speedrun mode.

Head for an underwater experience with Mini Swim! Find sweet companions, run away from fish and collect gold coins to make a fortune! Explore underwater caves of dazzling variety in an arcade world and use basic controls to swim through holes, avoid spiked traps and level up!

In case you think being human is hard, you should try being a water bladder for a day! This little man is struggling to get used to the sea and the aquatic animals. Fortunately for him, you can guide him through each of the obstacles and traps, helping him reach his goal. Use the bolt keys to jump anywhere in the water. As an air pocket, you can float without being affected by gravity. Use your weightlessness to stick to the highest point of the caves and avoid the approaching jellyfish. You can also walk away from spikes and various traps with similar experience. Explore the scene, see examples of enemy development, and chart a course for your little partner. Trust that the exact second will arrive at the activity. Pass levels to reach extra complex difficulties and take your reflexes to another level with this game.