One Escape

One Escape is a platformer with riddles in which you help three friends, a reinforced duck, a gorilla and a pig to escape from prison. Find ways to escape from prison by moving away from monitors and looking for key cards to open locked entrances. Can you beat each of the 60 levels? The legend of the game One Escape has been arrested, who has been detained on a misleading claim. He chose to escape from prison and you have to help him with that. In front of you, your personality will be visible on the screen that will be in his cell. You need to look carefully at all this and find things that will help you escape from the cell, and also as a weapon. From this point on, you must guide the legend through the passages and rooms of the prison, beingware of various snares and obstacles. You will regularly monitor monitors monitoring the region. You will actually want to fight them and use hand-to-hand combat skills or weapons to erase them. After passing the enemy you can get the rewards that have fallen from them. One Escape is a stage game in which you play as a criminal arrested while robbing a bank. Trying to get out of jail. There are many levels you have to beat and a legendary supervisor you have to fight.