Zoodrop is an adorable Suika matching game where you can participate in material science fun! Immerse yourself in the basic but addictive interactivity — combine creatures to make bigger and more striking animals until you reach the amazing Double Whale for the ultimate high score! The rush is in asserting the best position in the daily competitor lists. Would you be able to defeat others at any time and secure the #1 position?

Release critters into the zoo and earn points by matching two matching critter balls that hit each other. The two creature pairs will deliver another type of creature, so keep matching them and gain focus. Try not to let the creatures pile up to the top without leaving more room for new creatures.

The creatures of the city zoo have escaped from their enclosures in Suika: Zoo Drop! Can it be said that you are ready to leave them exactly to mix these breeds that are indistinguishable, causing them to develop into the greatest of all?

Bears, walruses, elephants, giraffes, baby chickens, frogs and every creature you can imagine are sitting close to you, ready to give you a great time. Show off your reflexes, experience the laws of physical science in a different way, match indistinguishable shapes and experience it.