The organization of the little ducklings was walking around the city park and got lost. Right now at Resquack you have to help the ducklings find them. Before you on the screen will be noticeable our little legends left in a particular meadow. On the other side of the road will be their people. Vehicles will move on the street at different speeds. You, watching huge ducks, have to stumble on the street and take the duck to move it to the opposite side. Remember that if at least one of them bites the dust, you lose the round and start rescuing the ducks one more time. Resquack is a great pixel experience in which you have to help a brave mother duck to protect her lost little ducklings. To do this, move from one side of the lake to the next and cross the street as quickly as possible until you reach your young. You need to be extremely careful when crossing, being careful not to be constantly eaten by an insatiable canine tooth, fall into a hole or be late with any vehicle that passes through the street without care. Natural life is disturbing and people will not make it easy for you, so raise your courage and bring your family together safely!