The Smurfs Cooking

The Smurfs Cooking is an easy game where you help the gourmet Smurf in planning the town feast in this Smurfs Cooking game. Heat cupcakes, hot cakes and donuts. Enhance your biscuits, cakes and treats with frosting and jam, likewise presenting tea, fruit juice and then some. The goal of each level is to present the correct snacks for each Smurf that visits your corner.

In the game The Smurfs Cooking, the culinary specialist Smurf prepares for the town feast. It will bake cupcakes, pancakes and donuts and also serve tea, fruit juice and a variety of snacks. The goal is to serve the right food to every Smurf who visits the stall. You have to work fast to prepare and improve the treats and choose the right drinks for each request. Help the culinary expert Smurf make the holiday a triumph. You can also play on portable so have a great time.

Help Chef Smurf prepare the most heavenly espresso cupcakes in town as you try to shock every single one of the locals in The Smurfs Cooking game! Will you figure out how to quickly satisfy your customers' every request to leave them completely satisfied?

Decorate your biscuits, cakes and treats with frosting and strawberry jam, while serving tea, fruit juice and heaps of different delights, made with adoration and a lot of persistence. Try not to waste a single second, try not to leave the desserts in the oven longer than necessary and show your talent in cooking to each of the locals, take part in our cute blue companions and experience it.

Bring some Smurf power into your kitchen in The Smurfs Cooking! Smurf Town needs you now like never before and as a partner of Gourmet Specialist Smurf, you want to give all the Smurfs what they need, exceptional help from a culinary expert!

Another day in smurf town brings another experience. This time you will cooperate with the culinary specialist Smurf and help him satisfy everyone with his delicious food. Step into the kitchen and see everything flawless. You will see other smurfs traveling in all directions having several errands such as cupcakes and hot drinks. Your goal is to prepare everything in advance and serve them as quickly as possible. You also need to set up the correct requests as some unacceptable orders will be wasted. Center around your appliances and fixtures and ensure that every Smurf leaves your kitchen happy. How about we find out how far you can get through the levels in the cutest town ever.

Today, the Smurf City kicks off its annual food festival. In the new energizing web-based game The Smurfs Cooking, you will help your character cook, work in your bistro and serve guests. In front of you on the screen you will see a bistro counter, behind which your personality will be revealed. The counter will be approached by customers placing orders. They will be displayed near them as pictures. You will quickly concentrate on the request and begin to arrange the ordered food. Check the screen. Following the prompts, you should prepare yourself immediately, given dishes and drinks. Then you give them to the customer and get compensated for it in The Smurfs Cooking game.