Grand Mini Slam

We welcome you to strange ball competitions in the game Grand Mini Slam. Your saint will have many opponents, they are lined up right now. Start a race by entering the field and agreeing to your position. The task is to send your balls and enter an opponent who is in the opposite end of the field. Complete the preparatory stage, it is extremely short and clear and continue directly to the game. Throw the balls, trying to get the prizes that are shown. They will help in striking and will receive triumphant tricks, the time of the round is limited, if we assume that you win, another opponent will appear. Grand Mini Slam is a remarkable sporting event where you have to pick up and throw every ball to the opponent's side. In this quick test, you have to be witty to grab a fast approaching ball and throw it. In case your side is absolutely empty and the opponent's side is loaded with balls, you win the round. Make a point to hit the enhancers that sometimes appear to make the game profitable for you. Don't forget to really take a look at the locker room to reconsider your personality and open new skins!