Slime Laboratory

Slime Laboratory is a materials science based platform game where you go on a sickening excursion through a strange laboratory. Beware of all the traps and hazards you see, barely pass through holes, stick to hard surfaces and move tall stages! Take the necessary steps to sneak past various risky obstacles to reach the checkered finish safely. Don't forget to pick up every circle you see on your way. Red disks give 500 focus, while blue ones give 200 focus and dark ones award 100 focus. Can it be said that you are prepared for this dilemma? Ooze Lab has a total of fifteen levels, can you at some point complete each of them without kicking the bucket?

Help him escape from a dangerous research facility where he is being held! You'll just want to help him get away from the overwhelming reviews and experience this look for him. Get ready to face the most exciting and challenging levels in a stage game.