Platfoban is a Sokoban-style puzzle game with a platform component! You have to collect each one of the coins in each level. There are two modes in the game: the platformer mode where you can run and jump and the Sokoban mode where you can move blocks, coins, etc. In Sokoban mode, the chest wakes up, attacks and chases the main person. In platforming mode, crates rest and can be used as stages. Together with one of the Middle Aces you will go to investigate old prisons in Platfoban. As indicated by the legend, a race of various outsiders lived here who had extraordinary riches and relics. You have to find them and collect them all. The corridors of the prison will appear on the screen before you. Your saint will be on the pass. At the opposite end of the corridor will be a shining star. Your legend should get it. To do this, you need to take the Middle on a certain course using the control keys. During this you have to bounce or go around the side of the loop. When you get the star, you will get focuses and proceed to the next more disturbing level of the game.