Cat's Party

Cat's Party is a physics-based science puzzle game in which you are a cat alone in an unknown city, trying to advance to the safety of other feline partners. There's a cat party on the roof and it's your responsibility to get to it. Drag and drop your cursor or finger to send the cat flying up. Grab ledges, stages, pipes and basically anything you can hang onto - and jump higher! Be careful, because the road to the top is not an easy walk: you will face moving barriers, disappearing stages and unpleasant people who will push you off your overhang. Try to scatter the pieces of food around so you can buy your cool cat skins! Share Cat's Party with your companions and keep the party alive!

No mysterious cats like to have a great evening and sing in their cat voice, howling all over the area; this activity can actually be known as a cat party and it makes no difference whether the party takes place on top of a small house or a colossal tall structure. Each cat considers it their duty to move to the roof and organize a gathering there. Legend of the new arcade is no exception, although such a case is his first in quite some time, and he personally probably won't climb that high.