Cover Orange: Wild West

Cover Orange: Wild West is a puzzle game where you have to arrange objects to cover our orange companions and protect yourself from the looming corrosive rain. Our citrus legend is back for more action, but this time we're in the far west. Drag any item the game allows and drop them to form a shrine over the oranges while the raging cloud ignores them. Don't forget to grab the secret star in each level! Share Cover Orange: Wild West with loved ones so you can face these fascinating riddles together.

Throughout each level, you must place components on the stage to change the climate and protect the oranges from the corrosive rain of a malevolent cloud. These stage components can range in any capacity, from a three-sided block to spiked balls that obliterate the ice to actual oranges. Use your finger, mouse or console to place the various items available and drop them to form a shrine over the oranges.

What's more, here is the fifth sequel to a great puzzle game where you try to protect the orange. This time we visit the Wild West where you have to reposition the various objects to protect our legend. We have to do it that way.

Take part in this new form of the Old West! Find out how to protect oranges from a risky downpour that throws cattle. Use the mouse to place objects on the scenes and prevent your citrus organics from getting hurt.